A Webinar with Cutting-edge Knowledge of Emotions Control

Discover 3 Shocking Truths About Your Emotions That Will Allow You To Start Controlling Them

Learn how your emotions work from your subconscious and how you can permanently eliminate any negative emotion or situation in your life.

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60 Minutes Webinar

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Invaluable and Unique Knowledge

What You'll Learn

The root cause of all your negative emotions:

Discover how your negative emotions are created, where they are stored, why they continue to cause you unhappiness, pain and suffering and how you can eliminate them once and for all.

Life's biggest hallucination about controlling your negative emotions:

Learn how the external events has nothing to do with your internal experience. You will understand that nothing external affects your emotions.

How you are conscious or unconscious creating everything in your life:

Whether it is real for you or not, we will scientifically verify how you are the creator and manifestor of any experience and everything that happens in your life.

The fastest and most efficient method of emotional discreation:

Discover how your negative emotions are created and why they continue to cause you unhappiness, pain and suffering.

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About the Coach

Mycal Powell is the discoverer of Psycanics, the founder of Psycanics Science Institute, and the creator of the Being Transformation Technology. Psycanics is the physics of your non-physical energies and experience, what does this mean? that is the science that gives you power over yopur thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships, memories, personality, and much more.

The Being Transformation Technology is the Psycanics exclusive method to discharge, discreate and eliminate any negative emotion, but not only that, it also allows you to create positive identities, thoughts, emotions so you can create the life just as you always wanted.

His Mission is to report to humanity the true nature of existence and how life really works.

Discover This Science That Is Revolutionizing The Way of Understanding Emotions

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